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In an ever-growing oral nicotine category,
Cotton Mouth is the newest, most innovative, and uncompromised product to hit
market. Cotton Mouth consists of a proprietary blend of synthetic fiber
materials, perfectly saturated with full flavored options and high impact
non-tobacco nicotine. 

Cotton Mouth is for all nicotine customers. Due to its customizable nature, each and
every nicotine customer can create their preferred style of oral usage with Cotton Mouth. Moist Snuff users will understand the product format, vapers will relate to the full flavor profiles and nicotine white pouch users will enjoy the exceptional usability, taste and portion size in relation to the limited features of nicotine portion pouches.

1.) Open Cotton Mouth can and pinch desired amount of cotton with one finger and a thumb. We recommend 6-8 pellets to start.

2.) Place the pinched product between your upper lip and gum, or your lower lip and gum.

3.) Leave the product to do its work. Enjoy the flavor and nicotine for all long as you like. Remove once satisfied.

Proprietary blends of cotton synthetic fibers, food-grade flavoring, and non-tobacco
nicotine. The food grade flavoring is blended with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Certain flavors can include saccharin and/or sucralose.

There are three grams of dry cotton material in each can. 99mg's of nicotine are in each can.

Tobacco-derived nicotine is extracted from tobacco by one of several methods. All of
these extraction methods allow for some minor tobacco constituents to be carried into
the final product.

Synthetic nicotine is chemically the same molecule as tobacco-derived nicotine;
however, it is not obtained from a biological source like tobacco. Synthetic nicotine is
produced in a manufacturing facility through a series of chemical reactions, which occur
in a controlled environment. This resulting synthetic nicotine does not contain the same
trace levels of tobacco constituents, which are found in tobacco-derived nicotine.
Importantly, whether tobacco-derived or synthetic, both forms of nicotine have the same
chemical and physical properties.

Absolutely not. No tobacco was used in the manufacturing or development of this

The tingling sensation comes from a slight burn caused by the nicotine impact and absorption. Some flavors have components that can cause a bit of a sting in the mouth. This is normal.

No spitting is required when using this product. All ingredients can be ingested.

Cotton Mouth has introduced five wide ranging flavor profiles to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Mint – Sweet spearmint and cooling peppermint.

Wintergreen – designed to meet the desires of the long cut customer.

Citrus – Juicy lemon with lime zest accompanied by blue raspberry undertones.

Mango – This fruity flavor is bursting with the taste of juicy sun ripened mangoes and just the right amount of tart.

Berry – A medley of sweet strawberry, ripened forest berries, and summer watermelon splash.

No, Cotton Mouth is not intended for ingestion of the material. Please remove the

material from the mouth and dispose of it after flavor and nicotine ceases to continue

Cotton Mouth is not specifically designed to be chewed, but it can be. The only downside to chewing is that the saturated ingredients will release more rapidly due to the stimulation of the product. Nicotine and flavoring will be release faster and more intensely. This will cause the product to last a shorter amount of time.

Push down on the side tab of the top lid where you see the word PUSH. The top lid will pop open when pressure is applied to this tab.

Depending on how much a product a user places in their mouth, Cotton Mouth can last between 30-45 minutes in flavor and nicotine delivery.


Though patented, due to the proprietary and innovative nature of Cotton Mouth, all production is taking place internally at our state-of-the-art facility.

Cotton Mouth has a suggested best by date of 18 months from the date of manufacture. Formal product stability testing is under way, yet not available at this time.